Frequently Asked Questions

What size are your party castles? (How much room do you need?)

Regular’s require 12’ x 12’ (4m x 4m) area for set up, Our large’s require 15’ x 16’ ( 5m x 5.5m)

How much are your party castles?

Go back to the home page and at the bottom of the page will be our rental rates.

What ages can go on your party castles?

Our regular party castles are suitable for children 8 years old and under, and our large range are recommended for 12 years old and under. We do not provide inflatables that cater for any older persons.

What ages can go on your party castles?

Our regular party castles are suitable for children 8 years old and under, and our large range are recommended for 12 years old and under. We do not provide inflatables that cater for any older persons.

Is there a weight limit?
Regular party castles are suitable for up to 8 children at one time, Large party castles are suitable for up to 12 children at a time. The party castles suit the average weight of the age groups.
What happens when it rains?
We keep the party going, each of our castles come with a tailor made rain cover designed for the individual party castle. This means the kids can still jump and remember that it never rains all day. You will need to place more attention in keeping the front of the party castle dry. As always an adult must be supervising at all times. The new Character Bouncers have a rain cover built into the roof.
How high are the party castles?
A traditional and bouncer castle, regular size is 3.2m (10′) tall as are both our Regular, and Large Jump’n’Slide and Moving Mouths. Our Regular arch party castles are 4.3m (13′) tall with a large arch at 4.6m (14′) tall and our huge slides are 5m (16′) tall.
What is the latest time you stay out?
Our party castles need to have their rental finished before 60 minutes after the sun sets. You can have them later however one of our fully trained supervisors would have to operate the inflatable after that time.
Do you have Public Liability Insurance (Can I get a copy)?
Fully insured and accredited by the Amusement association. Copy of policy available on request.

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Do I get a reference/receipt number?
Your telephone number will be your reference number should you call with any questions. An invoice will be mailed to you as soon as we have a deposit. You can reconfirm your booking after you have received your invoice at the welcome page.
Can I get it any cheaper?
Like any caring company we do reward loyalty. Booking with Jumping J-Jays will get you on our mailing list making sure that you have access to the latest special offers available with our regular newsletter. Remember cheaper may not always be better. You can’t compare a Fairy party castle with inflatable walls from Jumping J-Jays with a plain elephant party castle with netted walls from our opposition.
Do you supply a cover?
In fact it has 2 covers, most of our inflatables come with a permanently attached shade cover, and a tailor made rain cover just in case it turns wet on the day. Our competitors may supply one cover that claims to do all jobs but BEWARE a fully enclosed cover in the sun turns into a humid heat box inside. Jumping J-Jays shade covers allow the party castle to breathe! The character bouncers have open sides to allow airflow so the rain and shade covers used here is fully attached into the roof.
What happens if we cancel?
If it is within 7 days of the function then you would lose the deposit as it is a guarantee of delivery what ever the weather. We’re no different to booking theatre tickets or booking a seat on an airline. We have given our guarantee of supplying you with your choice on the day and we enjoy the same assurances from you with a deposit.
Why can’t I pay COD?
We take a deposit to confirm the booking this means that your party castle is removed from the available party castles on the day guaranteeing delivery for you. With no possibility of double booking, so you can’t lose out to someone offering to pay more. You receive a booking contract and insurance is activated.
Why cash on the day?
Our drivers are very busy and have a limited time to allocate to each job. So if you could also have the correct change it would make it much simpler.
Are your castles childproof?
Even though our party castles are manufactured and designed using the strictest worldwide standards which make them the safest, accidents can still occur. Children can fall over and bump their head in your living room or fall over and hurt their arm while playing in a typical backyard, so anything is possible with an active child and even so on our party castles. We are the safest, guaranteed, however we are still not child proof, as nothing can be. Supervise your children and follow the safety training that we provide to you and all that should make for a great day for you, your family and your guests.
Can it be set up on concrete?
Yes we can bring weights out to anchor it safely and a safety mat. There will be a cost for this unless we can peg 2 corners into the ground. No large slides can go on concrete.
Can it go in a park?
Yes! If it is for a kids birthday party we can set up within 5m (16 feet) from where all the guests are sitting and there will be no additional costs compared to a backyard. If there is no power you will need to add $60.

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