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Call our rental office and our trained operators will help you to choose the right castle, size, and theme for your children. You will need to deposit between $80 and $120 with a valid credit card to secure your booking.


Your castle will then be delivered and installed within the hour before your party is due to start. The castle will need to be set up on grass (unless advised otherwise) and connected to electricity within 20 metres or 65 feet. The castle will be anchored safely and left in a clean condition. You will then be fully trained to operate the party castle safely. The remainder of your rental fee (if any) will be paid in cash upon the arrival of the installer on the day.


After your allocated time finishes we will return, dismantle and leave within about 15 minutes.

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Party Castles Handy Hints & Tips


All party castles need to be supervised at all times by a person over the age of 18 and trained in all aspects of party castle supervision. We supply you with these rules and train you on site in around 10 minutes. You will need to be present on installation. You are only permitted to do your own supervision when the party castle is set up on a residential property or a private party in a fully fenced off community hall.

There must be a child age and height limit specified when phoning around. If not you will get an illegal party castle that may have no insurance and will probably be old and worn out. Here are some general industry sizes and their applicable age. This is the minimum land required for setup.


Size Feet Metres Suitable age
Regular 12′ x 12′ 4m x 4m 8 years & under
Large 15′ x 16′ 5m x 5.5m 12 years & under


All sizes quoted are a general guide only. Bed depth does vary. At Jumping J-Jays we do not promote any kids inflatables that take anyone older than 12 years.


Ask our competitors how old their party castles are and how many different vinyl variations (eg. red, blue and yellow) are in any 1 party castle. Ask yourself why try and save $5 if you are going to get a 6-year-old castle manufactured only using red. Trust me they are out there in the hundreds. At Jumping J-Jays, most of our castles are under 2 years old and manufactured from at least 3 variations so it brightens up any party plus we have fully inflatable walls!”


Make sure the party castle company has public liability insurance. Ask for a copy of the policy before the day. With any hire you should insist on a receipt printed on company letterhead and a standard hire contract. This should be given to you prior to the day of the hire. If the company doesn’t issue these then you should go elsewhere.


We will only leave castles out 1 hour past dusk. This guideline is currently before the industry association to enforce this time. Overnight hires and late nighters are a huge risk for kids and their parents. Full and constant supervision at all times cannot really be done in the dark.


We believe that words like “SAFETY” and “FUN” have honest meaning beyond marketing! if you want your kids to bounce off walls for rebound and exercise, you should choose an inflated wall castle. Please click here to download information on the health benefits of rebound exercise for your children.

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